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We develop custom/child WordPress themes and plugins tailored uniquely to your business and with WooCommerce you can easily add online store and payments.



If you already have a WordPress site and are experiencing problems the please get in touch, we would be happy to help.

We charge by the hour for support and current rate is $60 per hour plus GST.


If would like to have further functionality added to your website then we can research, recommend and install plugins for you.

We can also develop plugins specifically for your website.


We are currently supporting, maintaining and managing WordPress websites hosted in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

Stuart from Winstar looked into and fix my issues on my website quick smart. He was able to tell me in a short time frame what the problems on my site looked to be and how he was going about to repair them with a very reasonable quote. Had my site back up and running in no time with a faster load speed than it did before! Was very happy with the service from Winstar.

Clifton George

Owner, Authentic Finishings Ltd

WordPress Performance Tuning

If your WordPress is running slow, then we can recommend, install and configure plugins.

Its important that your website performs well, otherwise customer will leave your site and poor performance of your website will have a negative impact on your ranking in a Google searches

Check out how your website is performing on



Unsure of what security you need?   We can recommend, install and configure security plugins massively reducing the vulnerabilities in your site and increasing your protection against hackers.

Technical Know How

Winstar also operate and maintain a separate website for website developers with a blog containing all sorts of tips and trick for CSS, HTML, JavaScript and WordPress development.

Please see

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For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  All information provided will be confidential.

How Much Does It Cost?

The website of your dreams could be much cheaper than you expect…

Winstar are happy to share their WordPress expertise and help you develop your own websites

Child Themes

If you are creating your own WordPress website and need a child theme creating or just help with one you are working on then please get in touch.

Subcontract Work

Winstar are also happy to work as subcontractors to other developers


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